You’re working hard and enjoying your high school or university studies, but what’s next?

Some students don’t yet know what they want to be when they graduate, and that’s perfectly reasonable. In an everchanging job climate and evolving economy, it’s harder to be certain of the career path that lays ahead of you, at any age.

At TwoPointZero, we provide students across Sydney and Melbourne with career advice to get them excited about their future prospects. We help students understand the steps to take in order find a fulfilling career that’s right for them. We believe in providing expert and relatable student career advice, to help students make a smoother transition from their current studies, to graduating and to joining the workforce. 

How student career advice can help you transition

Our programs, based in Sydney and Melbourne, help graduates, students, and those considering a career change find guidance and help during this time of transition. Speaking with a career coach from TwoPointZero about the rest of your schooling and the career path you’d like to take can be beneficial in several ways.

Identifying the right career options

Everyone’s different, and everyone is looking for something different in terms of their prospective career. We help students identify the options available to them that are related to their studies, interests and values.

Understanding what a career is

Today, the traditional career path is virtually non-existent. Our career guidance experts help students understand that the path to career fulfilment is no longer linear and can occur in a number of ways such as entrepreneurism. 

Develop the necessary skills

Our career coaches help students the skills necessary in their chosen career path, such as industry specific skills, networking, interview skills and acceptable social media presence. 

Contact us further about student career advice, today!

The first step in discovering what career path could be suited to you once you complete your studies is by talking to a career coach from TwoPointZero. Find out how our student career advice can help set you on the right path to your future by calling our Melbourne office on (03) 9691 7955 or our Sydney Office on (02) 9256 2190. Alternatively, you can send us an email at and one of our friendly team members will get back to you as quickly as possible.