TwoPointZero provides graduate careers advice, counselling and coaching to people in Melbourne and Sydney who have recently left university and who are trying to find the right career and transition in to employment.

The modern employment market is tough and even with a degree under your belt it can be tough to identify the right opportunities for you. Many graduates find themselves working in industries unrelated to the field of study or in casual roles and under-employed while trying to find a rewarding career.

You have worked hard for your degree and TwoPointZero is here to help guide and coach you so that you understand all the career options available and that you have the job seeking skills to land the job that is right for you.

Our coaching and career guidance services can help you in the following ways:

  • Identifying the career options that are right for you. Our career coaches and counsellors help you to identify the options available that match your qualifications, your interests and your needs. They don’t tell you what you should do they help you discover what is right for you.
  • Understand the world of work. Career paths are no longer linear in the modern employment market and the gig economy and entrepreneurism offer many different paths to career happiness. Our career guidance experts help you identify what is the right path for you.
  • Develop a flexible career plan. Once you know where you want to go it is important to have a plan that will help you get there and our career coaches in Sydney and Melbourne help you develop the plan you need to successfully navigate the job market
  • Develop your job seeking skills. The employment market is tough and you need to make sure you stand out when applying for jobs. We help you to perfect your resume, your social media profile, networking skills, interview skills and confidence to make sure you stand out to employers as the best person to hire
  • Support your job seeking journey. Our career coaches come on the journey with you and are there to keep you motivated, keep you focused on your goals and help you find a career that excites you.

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